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Coming Soon!  Zinpro for Llamas, Alpaca's, and Goats!

WHAT IS ZINPRO? Zinpro is a patented organic source of zinc for animals. Zinpro is made by linking the amino acid methionine with zinc to form a structure (zinc methionine) that can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

WHY DOES A DOG NEED ZINPRO? Dogs need zinc for healthy coats and for normal pigmentation of the coat hair. This results in a brighter hair color and adding longer life to hair. Zinc may be added to some animal food sources but this does not necessarily mean that it is available (absorbed) and utilized. Some familiar sources of zinc (zinc oxide or zinc sulfate) may not be readily absorbed during digestion and much of what is ingested is excreted without benefit. Also, extra supplementation of these inorganic sources tends to cause digestive upset such as diarrhea.

Zinc is present in every body tissue and every tissue fluid. Among the trace minerals of the body only zinc is found in greater concentration. Zinc serves two broad functions;

 Enzyme Function (necessary for a strong immune system and good digestion) and
 Protein Synthesis (cell reproduction in skin, coat, footpads, nails which are mostly protein - 85%).

WHAT TYPE OF SKIN & COAT PROBLEMS BENEFIT MOST FROM ZINPRO? Even if a dog is fed a premium pet food or a special diet, and is still having skin & coat problems they may be Zinc deficient.

Some of the signs and symptoms are:

  •  Chronic hair loss, excessive Shedding (not associated with seasonal shedding)  
  •  Dull coats with Slow & Sparse hair growth
  •  Dry Flaky Skin, & Itchy Conditions
  •  Poor quality Footpads & Nails
  •  Hot Spots, Rashes
  •  Dogs that have been diagnosed as having Allergy  conditions
  •  Skin Scabs on the abdomen & thighs
  •  Dogs with excessive skin wrinkles, that tend to develop a Wet Skin condition, such as Spaniels, Sharpeis, Bulldogs and some of the long hair Terriers.

Zinpro is not harmful. It is not a drug.
It causes no side effects and is not toxic.


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